17th century French harpsichords

Here’s a nice Vaudry by Grieswich. Of particular interest is the musician’s commentary on 17c French instruments compared to 18c instruments. An interesting topic for our discussions.

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Lovely sound. Interesting meantone (hear the very sharp F natural: possibly 2/7 S.c.?). Excellent technique. Nice interpretation.

I have only two objections:

  1. .Pity the (as already commented recently) feeble 4’: it hardly adds anything to the 2x8’!

  2. While, as Gilger correctly writes, Nivers and other early baroque French play the port-de-voix before the beat, Chambonnières in his Table does not.

Here is a Vaudry by Rubio, in a very stately performance by Johan Brouwer.

There is a most interesting project ongoing in France to make a facsimile of the 1648 French harpsichord in Issoudun. The building itself will be undertaken by Émile Jobin.

You can find details and a video of the instrument here: