3/16 brass imperial bolts

Any idea where I could get some? I’m remaking some tangents and having to use M4 instead. Thanks.

There’s not much context here @steverod. Tangents are usually brass sheet. What are you using bolts for? Could you explain?

There are many many suppliers of brass imperial hardware, but what do you want exactly? What length and quantity?

Do you want these threaded ones?

The tangents for my Thomas and Rhodes clavichord are 3/16 bolts shaped on a grinder. As it has a bit of a twist (or key distorsion - they’re only pine) some tangents are hitting the string before as well as the intended string (it’s single course) . I’m using the overhang of flat head bolts to fashion new tangents that overcome this. The closest size I’ve found is M4 which may have to do.

This is related to a previous thread, yes? I don’t really understand what you want or what the difficulty is. There are hundreds of suppliers of brass threaded bolts. Here’s one from Australia where I live:

And what about plain brass threaded rod?

Metric and Imperial. Aren’t there any suppliers like this near you?

Thanks Miles. Seems you’ve got to order by the thousand though!

Brass Pan Slot Metal Thread - United Fasteners this is the type I’m using. I grind off half the head and create a tangent tip that over hangs. M4 is working bu 3/16 is what’s really required. I only need 10 - 20.