A bit of D'Anglebert

What a coincidence: on May 14, I posted on my own blog a home-recorded video of J.–H. D’Anglebert’s d-minor Prélude in memory of my father Martin Skowroneck, who died on that day six years ago. Only a day after that, the Dutch harpsichordist Pauline Schenck, who is also the mother of my children, published a lovely recording of the very same piece on bandcamp, performed on arguably the nicest harpsichord my dad ever made, a 2-man. short-g-octave Ruckers from 1961.

A link to her recording, which can be listened to for free or purchased for one Euro (or more!), is here:

Some may be familiar with this instrument from Leonhardt’s 1966 recording of music by Morley, Tisdall, Bull, Byrd, Randall, Farnaby, and Gibbons. I re-strung the upper part with P-wire while my dad was still alive (the brass section is unchanged since 1961).

Happy listening!

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Sumptuous interpretation, with a perfect diction on an exceptional instrument… great art! Merci beaucoup…


Thanx, Tilman, for the link to Pauline’s lovely performance. Maybe modesty kept you from including a link to your own excellent performance, so I add it here:



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This was splendid, both the instrument and the performance. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you Tilman, and thank you Pauline if you are reading this, to two very fine interpretations on two very fine instruments.

It’s just such a gorgeous piece…
Anyway, thanks Douglas!