A new Scarlatti complete recording

There are some Scarlatti complete recordings, one of which - possibly the best one - by our own Pieter Jan Belder, so maybe this is not a breaking news. However the italian harpsichordist Fernando De Luca has published his recording of the whole set of sonatas. He plays on a French double by the italian maker Claudio Caponi. You’ll find them here: saladelcembalo.org

If you don’t know Fernando De Luca you could not know that his website “La sala del cembalo” contains more than 454 hours of harpsichord music, all played by Fernando. That’s not a typo: it’s four hundreds fiftyfour hours of harpsichord music. A lot of composers and a lot of music that I had not heard of. Here is listed by composer: Sala del Cembalo - The Harpsichord Archive

This is the homepage: La Sala del Cembalo del caro Sassone