Anxiety again

Some day ago we were talking about concert/recording anxiety. Well, there are some good news. The Yale University did a research on self-consciousness of playing mistakes as opposed to consciousness of the listeners, and the results are encouraging: (click on “PDF” do read and download the article).

The study is aimed at the pianists, I don’t know if the same can be said for harpsichordists as a wrong note on a harpsichord sounds just as strong as the right notes so it is usually more conspicuous than on the piano. However, food for thought.

I found a blog by a performance psychologist at the Juillard. Many things he says seem right to me or at least they seem to photograph my psychological condition while playing in public or recording. But it’s not a matter I know other than for personal experience. If you don’t mind reading some articles in the blog, I’d be happy to know what do you think about. Is the blog worth reading? Is it worth of followings its advices? Here is the blog: