Bologna competition results

Last week was the 20th Paola Bernardi Harpsichord Competition, in Bologna. It was not well publicised and it has taken me some time to find out who won it.

1st Prize - Nicola Benetti (Italy)
2nd Prize - Yu Nakamura (Japan)
3rd Prize - tied between Zuguang Xiao (China) and Alessio Zanfardino (Italy)

I don’t know much about Nicola Benetti apart from that he studies in Verona and he is going to study in Basel.

Yu Nakamura studies in Strasbourg.

Zuguang Xiao studied at Oberlin and now studies in Basel. Alessio Zanfardino studied in Paris.

Jury: Catalina Vicens (President), Maria Pia Jacoboni Neri, Luca Oberti, Skip Sempé, Kris Verhelst