Broude Trust publications

List members are probably familiar with the editions of harpsichord works published by the Broude trust, such as the works of D’Anglebert and Jacquet de la Guerre. In the US (and probably Canada and other countries) these are distributed by Edition Peters. Today I went to purchase a couple of things from the Peters website and noticed that the prices are very low. For example, the two volume critical edition of D’Anglebert lists for $100 but is now selling for $30. I ordered a few things.

After checking out, I saw an announcement that Peters is changing its distribution system effective April 1. Among other things, the announcement said that they will be dropping some of the third parties that they have been distributing. I can’t help but wonder if this is the why the Broude volumes are selling for so little — they want to clear out the warehouse as part of the changeover.

So this seems like a good time for North American listmembers to buy any of these editions that they want.