Colin Tilney

Dear friends,
I have been out of touch with Colin for decades now.
I need to send him a message (email or otherwise) as he is the dedicatee of my recent Handel publication.
I would be grateful if you can give me his email address, privately to my email
(please omit spaces) j cl a u d i v (at) g mai


People can always message you privately with personal messaging in Discourse. Just click on the poster’s name.

Spam programs are good at detecting simplistic email disguises in posts nowadays. The only thing to be said about that is that I am not sure why our forum is not being heavily indexed by search engines and so on, even though the settings are supposed to allow it.

Colin Tilney appears to be one of those people who eschew having a website, but here’s a marvellous recent photo:

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Gregory Crowell is in contact with Colin Tilney from time to time. You can contact Greg through Facebook as I don’t think he subscribes to The Jackrail.

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Thanks Douglas. I already got Colin’s email, sent him a message and got his reply: he is in good form!

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