Couperin CD announcement

I shouldn’t forget: a new CD with selections from F. Couperin’s second and third Ordres and the entire eighth Ordre has been released worldwide now.
The info at the label TYXart here.

Some info on my blog here and here, sound examples linked there.

The instrument is a M. Sko. 5-octave French Double from 1980 (no. 50), obviously somewhat too late for Couperin, but that’s what I’ve got, and I love this instrument… some people on the harpsichord facebook group guesstimated that this is a twin to the so-called “1755 Lefebvre” (no. 55 from around 1982, an instrument that nobody seems to be able to not mention), but no. 55 was conceived a while later than mine and has not much to do with it (also a smaller keyboard range), other than that the soundboard comes from the same tree.


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Where can one buy this Tilman? I am unable to see a cart on that website.

Also, any chance of FLAC downloads? I have zero room left on my shelves for physical CD’s, in all seriousness.

Apart from specialized music sellers etc., it’s on Amazon, like all the stuff these days (link to Australian site for actual CDs). has also MP3 downloads of my three recent recordings, not only physical CDs. I actually believe it’s also all on spotify.



The album also is available on Tidal and in hi-res on Qobuz. Congratulations, Tilman!