Dandrieu Trois Livres

Famously, Dandrieu published TWICE Trois Livres de Clavecin!

A first set was hardly heard of in modern times until it was published by Heugel in 1975 as
“Trois LIvres de Clavecin de Jeunesse” (pub. 1704, 1715 and 1720 but arguably all composed before 1704), which I have. The third of this livres carries original fingerings.

A second set, the famous one, recently recorded by Pieter Belder, was published later in 1724, 1728 and 1734. It also carries interesting evidence, mainly on harpsichord registration.

I have perused the important clues by Dandrieu in my publications.

What I do NOT have is a good readable critical edition of the SECOND set of Dandrieu Livres.
I have relied so far on IMSLP downloads of the first editions: this is perfect for analysis, but for practical playing I have to confess that I have a hard time sight-reading C-clefs, also the PDF downloads are not that legible either.

Any suggestion of a good modern edition?

I have seen on sale different (and not attractive either) editions of Dandrieu’s organ music, but nothing about his Trois Livres de Clavecin.

AFAIK the only modern editions are the ones in IMSLP, by Steve Wiberg and Pierre Gouin.
I have perused their editions a few times, and found them lacking in many respects: musical criteria, pagination, errors …

I have just given a detailed look at Wiberg and Gouin free downloads of Dandrieu’s Livres.
I have to say that their edition by Gouin is a very recent work of him (2021) and he has really improved his act.
Have still to play Gouin’s score, but it looks attractive at first sight.