Easy pieces for guitar and harpsichord/spinet/etc

Dear all,

In my free time, I figure as a side-kick in an institute for people with mental problems: I’m looking for music which is not to difficult to play on a guitar and can be accompanied with a spinet. To set the mind: the spinet part can be complicated, the guitar part not too much. All suggestions are very welcome.

Thanks in advance,


Is this for you to play, or the patients?

I once heard a very beautiful arrangement of Stille Nacht by Franz Gruber for guitar and piano, but my search for that has not turned it up. Here’s a lovely version from the original 1818 MS with guitar and violin. I’m sure you can arrange this as you please.

I think the patients would love it.

Indeed, it’s beautifull yet easy. Thank you very much!

To clarify: I’m doing the (musical) complex parts thanks :wink: