End-of-year harpsichord quiz

You are all invited to take part in my end-of-year Harpsichord Quiz! 20 questions, some easy, some not . . . It’s just for fun, so there are no prizes and it is 100% anonymous. Please do share it with any harpsichord friends not on this list, and please don’t discuss the answers in the comments below. Good luck! https://forms.gle/KS8CU3A3rqnNNLfe6

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Great idea! Thanx for end-of-year fun!

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Lovely indeed! But let me object to at least one question where the answer is not that straightforward. In the question about Bach Goldberg Variations and his own copy discovered a few decades ago, not one but actually two of the answers are correct.

Thanks, Claudio. Perhaps you could tell us the two correct answers in a few days, when everyone has had a chance to try their hand. I am prepared to be corrected!

And I have already been corrected about the organ being discussed in 1727. Although there was a book written about that organ, it is now considered that the author’s point was not about equal temperament. I’m not sure why the source I consulted said otherwise, but I will find out when I next speak to Pieter van Dijk.

Things are never as straightforward as they seem!

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