Extending our remit to fortepianos

I have no issue at all extending the remit of The Jackrail to include a category for fortepianos, and embrace discussions in that area.

The founders were initially against this, saying there are many places for that. That’s true, but I am sure many members are keenly imterested in fortepianos as well.

Since we just had an interesting and legitimate post regarding fortepianos and Cristofori, why not?

Perhaps people could let me know what they think.

Sure, fortepiano is outside the focus of the jackrail indeed. But after all Cristofori’s fps have a case, framing and scantlings just like a harpsichord. And his fps have a jackrail! I vote for extending the topic of the Jackrail forum to the jackrail-supplied fortepianos. :slight_smile:

(just kidding, of course Andrews decide and it’s ok for me)

Btw: what places are for discussing fortepianos? I’m not aware of mail lists (or: still alive mail lists), nor forums nor fb groups…


Fortepianos aka “Clavicembali col piano e forte” seem from the name
along to be squarely in our wheelhouse.

I am definitely all for early pianos to be within the purview!

I favor inclusion of fortepianos as well.

It would be a great pleasure if fortepianos should be added. Much to discuss about it.