Fascinating home recital with introductions

Rebecca Pechefsky gives a rectial on the five different style instruments in her home, with excellent, illuminating and relaxed, commentaries.



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Your husband/wife might probably disagree, but I think we really need a least 5 instruments to happy :wink:

Have a nice week,


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At least! What is wrong with women😂

My wife threatened to get one cat for every harpsichord, but she gave up when I passed four!

She also didn’t factor in that harpsichords live longer than cats.

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Excuse me? I have over 30 instruments? It isn’t ‘Women’!


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I understand the appeal of having several instruments – it’s something I’ve fantasized about. But then I remember that, even if I had unlimited space and money, I would have to keep them all in tune! Keeping even one in shape is a nuisance if you live in in an old, minimally insulated, house in the northeastern US, where the weather is notoriously fickle; a couple of days ago it was in the 50s (F.) and the next three days will be above 90, with bouts of rain in between. I’ve heard of this thing called ‘tuning stability’ but think it may be a myth. :confused:

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As a rule it’s easier to house many instruments and one spouse than vice versa.

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