File sharing

In the discussion on lute transcriptions people raised the idea of providing file sharing. Interestingly, this comes up a lot on many Discourse forums, as it is something people find useful.

However, Discourse is a web forum and not a file sharing platform, and lacks the necessary capabilities. It’s just not designed to do that. For file sharing you need some way to list and browse and tag and index files, and it does not have that. You also need lots of disk, and there is cost involved with that. Neither do I know of any Discourse plugins to do it.

Now, you can attach files to posts, but I recommend against this as a poor man’s file sharing, because there is a fairly small size limit for PDF’s etc, and they get lost in a single post as it gets older and older and so effectively become invisible unless you know what to search for.

In short, not something I can provide with Discourse. There are other potential solutions but they would involved a separate platform. I may give it some thought, but no promises.