Fortepiano Cristofori

Sorry if this is a bit off-topic, but I love the sound of these archaic fortepianos by Cristofori. Here is a short video by Kerstin Schwarz. I believe she is the principal expert of Cristofori fortepianos (Denzil Wraight also makes Cristoforis, however).

One thing I don’t fully understand is the “reversed” wrestplank. It must be very thin if the tuning pins pierce it from top to bottom - what for the stability of the instrument? And, the wrestplank must be mounted higher than the soundboard: the strings are about 12 mm higher of the soundboard (on the bridge), then pass under the wrestplank so the lower face of the soundboard must be some 20 mm still higher. But then the case sides should be wide, while they seem to be comparable to those of a normal harpsichord.

And: if you don’t see the string on the tuning pin, how do you know which is the pin you must turn in order to tune? (maybe the notes’ name is written on the wrestplank near the pins?)

I would love owning one of these. (The second in my list is the Stein)