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Continuing the discussion from "What's wrong with that harpsichord?":

Speaking as the creator (along with Stuart, David, and Domenico) of this forum, we now have 167 members. That’s good, but I would always really like to see more. Since I am always rather disappointed with the low traffic and seeming lack of interest in harpsichords nowadays, I often wish current members would suggest to their students and associates to join. If every member asked one student, say, to sign up we would have doubled the membership. Why do I go on about this? I studied some stats about discussion lists and it appears that it is fairly normal for list to only have about 10% active posters, the rest perpetually remaining listeners, or lurkers. I appreciate that list lurkers benefit a lot from people’s posts and discussions, but the problem becomes that if very few people post there is not much to learn or read, and the lists tend to wither and die.

The list policy is actually very open. I am happy to see posts for upcoming concerts or video streams, conferences, instruments for sale, reviews of recordings, engraved scores, quizzes, and much more. Don’t hesitate to post. And unlike many groups I have no aversion to self promotional material!

Perhaps I can introduce a friend referral scheme. For each new member you sign up I will give you a Freddo Frog. [Only Aussies and Brits will know what that is!]

All the best from Australia to all our members!

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OFFTOPIC. I seem to remember from my student days in London, half a century ago, having often seen a MacRobertson brand for fruit marmalades or else fruit jelly. Would they be imported from Australia or manufactured in the UK? Or am I mistaken?