Francesco Cera’s Well tempered clavier

Indeed, for my part, it has detracted a potential listener. When I came to about 1:15 in the promotional video, after a brief grinding of teeth, I closed the video in disgust.

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I listened to the CD’s. I will make no comment on the playing, except that it is not to my taste, speaking with my player’s hat on.

But I do a smattering of pro audio work and am a self confessed audiophile (oh no, not one of those, they cry! Save us!). To my ear the EQ is so pushed up in the midrange and treble that all I hear is a highly exaggerated constant fizz of harmonics, like champagne bubbles, but not in a good way. It’s definitely very strange mastering. The instrument (Hemsch copy) appears to be nice, but I would wager a large pizza it does not fizz like that in real life. I had to EQ the fizzy treble down so I could bear to listen to it. Of course this is all subjective, but it sounds to my ears like it has been EQ’d by somebody older whose treble hearing response is down, and they have compensated for that defect.

Harpsichords may be easier to tune that pianos as @EdS said, but they are much harder to record!