Goujon Stringing?

Hi! Not a contribution, a Question: anyone have the string lengths for the 1749 Goujon ? Even just the C’s & F’s will do for a quick comparison. I have a french double and am trying to figure out what it could possibly be based on. Apparently the plans came from the Bibliothéque National in the 80’s but this info might be wrong too, a possible confusion by my source with the Musée. Thanks for any info. Thomas

You could ask Andrew Garlick?

David Law

Hi David, Yes Thanks for the suggestion, I don’t know if he reads this list. I saw he makes a version, also my chére collegue here in Montpelier, Ms Argeliés. Vogel has a plan too, but just to infirm the possibilité that this harpsichord from 1985 might have been based on le Goujon isn’t really worth it. I know well it takes more than some string lengths for an attribution, before anyone gets thinking that way… The basses are very long, the longest in my lists are a Dulcken, and still its more. Shorter trebles though. Hardly worth chasing, just a potential buyer seems to want a Goujon. More business than musicology here, sorry guys ‘n’ gals. While chasing this subject I checked out CdV’s comparison of Taskin scalings, that’s useful and interesting!

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