Harpsichord-related things in Austria

I’ll be in Austria in August, touring by car from Innsbruck to Bad Ischl to Baden to Graz. Would you please advice on any harpsichord-related activity? Concerts, harpsichord makers, antiques and so on.

Hi Domenico,

You might wish to go to the Salzburg Toy (Spielzeug) Museum
Bürgerspitalgasse 2
5020 Salzburg
Tel. +43 662 620 808 – 302
and ask to see their collection of early keyboards! It was there last time I checked, a bequest from a collector, Herr Billa, who changed passions. Some interesting fakes perhaps, a Henri Pape piano , some organs, clavichords, lots of spinets and some harpsichords. Phone first perhaps, I wrote ahead and had an appointment with the assistant curator, Frau Rachbauer, who may or may not be there yet. Good luck!
Thomas Murach

If you go to Vienna, the Kunst Historisches Museum is a fine collection. I haven’t been there so don’t know which instruments are on display, playable etc. Kunsthistorisches Museum: Selected masterpieces

In Haslach there is a maker named Martin Pühringer. Martin Pühringer Harpsichords

the salzburg collection is no longer in the spielzeugmuseum but has been moved to a new building meanwhile and the curator is a different person. if you want to see the instruments you may want to contact her in advance. you shouldn‘t wait too long though since the whole instr. coll will be closed for several years this fall.

Barbara Hagen-Walther
Curator Salzburg Museum


Neue Residenz
Mozartplatz 1
5010 Salzburg


there‘s a new catalogue for a pretty good price.


Barbara Hagen-Walther:
Die Sammlung der Musikinstrumente im Salzburg Museum.
Ausgewählte Beispiele.
Salzburg 2015.
Hardcover, 27 x 21 cm,144 S., 129 Farb-, 9 SW-Abbildungen.
ISBN 978-3-900088-68-2
€ 7,90

Nach längerer Zeit wieder ein Buch zur Musikinstrumentensammlung des Salzburg Museum. Aus Anlass der Wiedereröffnung der Schausammlung in der Neuen Residenz hat die Sammlungsleiterin Barbara Hagen-Walther einen repräsentativen Überblick vorgelegt, der die wichtigsten Instrumente in Text und Bild ausführlich vorstellt.


Hello Martin

Two questions:

  1. Is this a new catalogue? the bibliographic detail seems to say it was
    published in 2015? Also, it does not seem to be a complete catalogue,
    but contains only ‘selected examples’ from the instrument collection
    (Ausgewählte Beispiele).

  2. Is this the same as the Museum Carolino Augusteum? I’ve got the
    Jahresschrift from 1988 which contains a catalogue of the keyboard

Best wishes, Peter

Hi ! Thank for the corrections as to the toy museum. We visited in 2013 when the collection was apparently recently arrived and being kept there whilst searching for a place to go. MMe Walther was on holiday too! So it seems now to be in the Salzburg Museum, indeed formerly called Carolino Augusteum. I shall try to get that catalogue. If anyone wishes I can put my own photos somewhere, perhaps a Pinterest page accessible to all and sundry, but that will have to wait until after the holidays when I can get back to a reasonable computer…

Hi Kiddies! Some photos from the Toy Museum, 2012. Collection now moved etc as mentioned above. More pix on Pinterest next week as I get back to a decent connection, this took ages…

Salzburg Toy Museum 1

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