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hello. would anyone know of a supplier of Hubbard (kit) harpsichord materials located in France ? or failing that, in europe?

thank you


Well Hubbard went defunct a long time ago. For wire etc use Marc Vogel. For replacement jacks, there is some discussion on this forum. Use the Search function.


What is it that you need exactly?

Hi Hubbies! As most makers and techies probably do, I have a stock of Hubbard jacks and some useable tongues from redone in wood instruments. If needed…
However, I shall cheerfully and gratefully take up the recent offer of a 3d File to print tongues in PEEK. Best! TwM

Marc Vogel in Germany is the most comprehensive, you’ll find about everything there.

Atelier de la Ruelle in France: clavecin, orgue, piano forte - Atelier Delaruelle (tuning pins and bone)

Claudio Casiglia in Italy used to have a website selling good quality harpsichords parts but I can’t see it now from my phone.

Everything brass can be found at http://www.traditional-brassware.co.uk/: David Law makes brass parts of amazing quality.

Most amateur and professional makers are willing to sell or give you parts.
The Paris Workshop’s and Zuckermann’s representatives are usually very helpful people, locate the nearest. They should be able to provide you with everything you may need.

Strings are a bit of a problem today, however Malcolm Rose’s heirs have started again to make wire, or so I’m told (the announcement of a brief delay is still on their website, so I’m note sure).
Of course Stephen Birkett’s P-wire and historical brass wire is outstanding. In USA Little Falls brass.

Sometimes it’s simpler to search outside the harpsichord world, for example the cloths.

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hello. i need:
tongues for the 8’, 4’, and peau de buffle - in that white hard plastic.
delrin pre-cut plectra
voicing block
and, if at all possible, peau de buffle strips or in whatever form it comes in.

thank you!


Plastic tongues are difficult to find, maybe 3d printing is best.

Delrin and peau de bouffle and voicing block can be purchased from Vogel. However a voicing block is just a small block of wood you can find everywhere or even make yourself.

@Bizzilla as said, take a look at Marc Vogel:


Also, Zuckermann:

Postage to France will be very reasonable for such a light package.

As to a voicing block, I am confident you can find some wood and cut your own.

Do not neglect Carey Beebe’s comprehensive maintenance pages here in Australia:

Carey sells plectra (and voicing blocks!)

Others will help you re Hubbard jack tongues.

Dear Bizillla (?)
You may have found a good source for PdB by now. Nevertheless:I invested a good amount of time about four years ago to find a good source for leather after Hubbard-Broekman closed down unexpectedly (and without any notice; see **PS below).

At that time I was led to “Baker” leather (J & F J Baker & Co Ltd, info@jfjbaker.co.uk) in England by Martin Spaink when I communicated with him (shortly before he died; a member of The Jackrail group). He had run durability tests on the Baker leather (about half a million cycles) and never could detect any wear. Martin had found in particular that Baker’s “oak tanned leather (“shaved bend”, 10/12 iron)” is very wear resistant.
Because I live in California, Baker referred me to Lisa Sorrell {lisa@sorrell.shop; https://customboots.net/} who is the US supplier for Baker in the US. She sells only shoe-sole sized pieces in pairs, either of 5” or 5 ½ x 13 inches and of 9/10 iron (=0.250” thick) ; I paid $35 for a pair (5 ½ “wide), plus shipping in the US for 8.50.

After working with this material for a while (I examined 4 materials, including the “old” Hubbard one) I found it rather stiff and preferred a slightly softer leather that David van Ness (El Cerrito, CA - vanness@compuserve.com) had kindly donated to me. It was not as thick as the Baker material (via Lisa Sorrell) but the hardness seemed to vary through its thickness in such a way that the material close to the string-contact surface changed more gradually than the Baker material, making it somewhat easier to shape. The Baker material had a correspondingly rather thin “hard surface layer". The problem is that I never found out where David van Ness’s material came from, though I am pretty sure it was Italian.


**PS: A personal note in that connection. About four years ago or so there was some limited speculation via The Jackrail on why Hendrik Broekman (Hubbard follow-on) closed shop so unceremoniously; he was such a dedicated and devoted Harpsichord builder and supporter! I never had to wait long for an answer to an email, was it for an order or a question of technical support.
And then it happened that the ever-present response changed: There was a period (2018/19?) of about half a year where no response would be received. Not wanting to believe that Hendrik would simply close the shop without a notice, I located a neighbor of his who assured me, that he was fine, working in the yard. I then approached him for an order, and received the usually fast response and shipment. About a year or a half year later it was back to the no-response scene — for good. No note, of who might have purchased the business or the remaining material stock. I can only surmise that he had recouped (hopefully) from a serious illness during the first black-out period, and which later took over all is attention. I found it such a shame to lose track of a person who had been for so many years supported the Harpsichord community faithfully and with devotion.

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hello. i need:
tongues for the 8’, 4’, and peau de buffle - in that white hard plastic.
delrin pre-cut plectra
voicing block
and, if at all possible, peau de buffle strips or in whatever form it comes in.

thank you!


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dear wolfgang,

i appreciate your response very much, especially since i hadn’t found a supplier for peau de buffle. so, thank you.

i agree wholeheartedly with you about the apparent “disappearance” of hendrik broekman. i too used to receive prompt and friendly answers from him; he was always willing to share his knowledge and expertise. perhaps more than the actual closing of the shop (if that is indeed what has happened), it is the silence of his disappearance that puzzles, and that renders one saddened. we would at least, like to say thank you to him.

all best wishes,

vivienne spiteri

hi domenico. i don’t know if i ever thanked you for your message above.

this is very helpful, and i thank you very much.

vivienne spiteri

You’re welcome, Vivienne!