Ideas about selling wood

For builders based in Europe, I have a question (perhaps best - if not necessarily - to be answered to my e-mail address):
How would I have to get about setting up an auction (or similar) of the wood remaining in the workshop of my late father Martin Skowroneck?
Over the last few years, we’ve sold some of the stock to friends/builders, but there is a fair amount left, some things likely of good quality (though not very huge quantities of anything: a shed half full of various species, some more interesting than others, and a good number of piles of various dry planks on the attic). I feel I should make whatever is left available to others, for fair prices.
The only other option would be some bulk-takeover. I’ve talked to a number of organ builders, but the overwhelming sentiment seems to be to pick and choose, which isn’t really an option for us (we start needing the space, and I don’t want to spend the rest of my days micro-managing the sales of a plank of mahogany here and three slabs of soundboard wood there…)

Thanks in advance for thoughts, ideas about whom to ask, etc…

You would want a valuable trove to go to a fine maker, and probably local pickup due to expense. Mathias Griewisch?

Or a tonewood luthiers supply, such as Tonewood:

Alrhough they specialise in violin wood, they may have interest in a bulk lot of fine timber for instruments.

Here we have Facebook Marketplace, ideal for local pickup items. Perhaps you have that there also?

Dear Tilmann:

Presumably the wood is in Bremen. (I live in Neustadt am Rübenberge.) I have contacts to several local organ builders. Maybe someone would be interested.




I recall that Grant O’Brien has the same situation:

Martin Pühringer may be interested.

Another fine maker.

Thanks all for your suggestions. Yes the wood is in Bremen. I can write to Martin P and Matthias G, but it’s just as well to spread the word a bit, if anyone has good contacts.
All best,