In case you need Schütze jacks

Dear members,

I’m currently working on an instrument which has plastic Schütze jacks. These were sold by “Jahn Pianoteile” many years ago. They are no longer made but if you desperately need them, they offer wooden replacements. The price is rather hefty: 22 EUR/piece. Probably Jack Kaeser makes them at a much lower price.



Dear Chris

Were you missing a few jacks for that project?

The Schütze black plastic jacks were supplied to Rubio and I’ve also seen them in instruments of other makers: I have a small stock for maintenance purposes.

Do not replace those jacks unnecessarily. If you find the jack tails are slightly bent, you can easily straighten them by immersing them in freshly boiled water for ten seconds, removing, then flexing them straight while they cool. The integral springs rarely give trouble, but they can be given some extra tension the same way, or even dry if careful.

It’s the tongues that are the problem with that design, because they can flip out rather easily and get lost.

Tongues are AUD2.73 plus post, jack bodies by themselves AUD1.82.



Dear Carey,

Thanks for your reply. Currently I’m not missing any parts but the instrument is not of the youngest. I just hope that while replacing the plectra nothing breaks.

Apart from that, on this instrument some notes were “dead on arrival”: it’s as if there is lute stop engaged on these notes. I’ve checked of course but could not find anything hindering the vibration of the strings. I hope the problem will be solved with the new strings. Alas it’s once more an instrument where the strings are too long to use Rose or P-wire. I’ll have to use Vogel’s WestFälischen Eisen99 to avoid string breakage in the discant.

Have a nice week,