Le Manuscrit de Madame Théobon

I haven’t heard this new recording by Christophe Rousset yet, but it
seems interesting because it’s devoted to an unpublished manuscript that
has never been recorded.

From the label’s website:

This manuscript, from Christophe Rousset’s private collection, was
discovered by him in 2004. Property of Madame Théobon, one of Louis
XIV’s mistresses, it contains not only the essential French harpsichord
pieces of the seventeenth century, but also many transcriptions of
compositions by Lully and several hitherto completely unknown works.
Providing precious insight into the musical practices of that time,
these pieces are recorded here for the first time. With its powerful
sound, the Nicolas Dumont harpsichord of 1704, recorded for the first
time as well, does them full justice.

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