Mark Ransom (1934 -- 2019) in the BHS Journal

I recently received the June 2020 issue of the journal of the British Harpsichord Society. It is called Sounding Board and is free to members as a downloadable pdf file. Not only that, membership is also free. Their website is here.

For me, among the most interesting things in Issue 14 of this journal are the 15 pages of articles about the recent memorial for Mark Ransom (1934 – 2019). I regret that I had not myself had occasion to meet Mark, who was not only well-known in the UK harpsichord world, but also beloved by many for his kindness and other outstanding human qualities, in addition to his high professional competence.

Mark was not a player, though he was the friend and associate of players: he provided, tuned, restored and repaired harpsichords, and was one of the unsung heros of the harpsichord world. Many well-known musicians took place in the memorial event in March, and their tributes are most moving to read.