New edition of Fiocco's suites at IMSLP

I have contributed to IMSLP an edition of J.-H. Fiocco’s harpsichord suites, . There are ‎two versions, one with original ( C ) clefs and another with only bass and treble clefs. Aside from the clefs, ‎the versions are identical and reflect the original printing as closely as possible, except with larger notes ‎and more generous spacing to make them easier to play from. I hope this edition is useful, and any ‎suggestions to improve the presentation are welcome. Many of the folks on this list are experienced at ‎playing from facsimiles and so won’t need the information I put into the introduction, although it may be helpful to some.‎

I’ve also set these books up on in case anyone really wants to purchase a bound copy, ‎but the free PDF will be fine for most people. (The latter will be available in a few days — I’m waiting to ‎receive a proof copy.)‎

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Bravo and well done David. This is very fine work.

I myself do extensive professional engraving with Lilypond. I am wondering what engraving program you used for your edition. I am particularly impressed with the ornaments that so closely model the original, including the ones with the ‘slurs’ joining the triils.

I am delighted to see an original clef edition. It’s great. I have been harping on about this for years in these forums, urging people to learn all the clefs. If 18c musicians could fluently read the lot, I don’t see why we shouldn’t learn.

As to presentation, for me personally I find the notes referring you to important notes, and editorial critical notes to fill up space annoying and distracting. In my editions, such things go in their place, not with the music like that. I find it distracting when playing. And as you yourself mention, many players do not need to be told anyway.

Overall, splendid! Puts Fiocco on the map. I had never given him an consideration before.


Thank you for the kind words, and I do hope that this edition, as you say, helps put Fiocco on the map.‎

I use MuseScore along with a font I created for Baroque symbols. I would be happy to share this font if ‎it would be useful to anyone. The slur+trill combinations were a huge nuisance. In my previous life, I ‎was a textbook author/editor/typesetter and used XeTeX, which like LilyPond belongs to the TeX family ‎of typesetting software, for a few projects. ‎

The only thing I haven’t been able to do in MuseScore is create the square slurs (as opposed to the typical ‎rounded ones) that Couperin and others used; fortunately these do not appear in Fiocco. If anyone knows ‎of a solution to this, in whatever notation program, please let me know.‎

The notes such as those on p. 3 come from my experience that people don’t read what you provide for ‎them. I imagine someone downloading the music from IMSLP, starting to play without reading the ‎introduction, realizing that some of the ornaments sound wrong, but not knowing why. More than once ‎I’ve had teachers say to me “I love your book but wish I had more help with [topic]” — which is ‎discussed in detail, with many suggestions, in the teacher’s guide, which they obviously didn’t read. I ‎confess that this is one of my pet peeves in life. Members of this list tend to be erudite, and I want the ‎edition to be useful to as many people as possible.‎