New members

There has been an influx of new members recently. Don’t forget it’s a nice idea to tell the community a bit about yourself by posting in the Introductions category. Welcome all new members.

Bear in mind this is a friendly community and nobody will ever criticise you. Healthy disagreement perhaps, but no toxic behaviour here as we see on other platforms that I shall not bother naming.

So please post. Don’t be shy. And there are no stupid questions.

Quite often, when I post here something I believe can be of wide interest, I notify Facebook group members of either (or both) HARPSICHORD,CLAVECIN … or Early Music Performance Practice groups. This, hopefully, makes some readers happy to join us here.

Indeed, Andrew, there are no stupid questions. Sometimes you can get stupid answers, but then, this can be fixed. This university exam anecdote is reported to be genuine:

Student to Einstein: “Professor, these questions are the same as last year’s!”.

Einstein: “Indeed, but this year all the answers are different!”