Pedagogical Compositions of Fedele Fenaroli

I’m looking for intavolature and solo keyboard sonatas by Fenaroli. Good material can be found here, but I believe he wrote a lot more.

I’m recovering from a hand injury, and find his little pieces very soothing as I redevelop proprioception in my right hand. They were probably written for young students, and they seem to fit the hand and keyboard together gracefully.

Given Fenaroli’s wonderful instinct for learning progression, I wonder what might be discovered in his apparently large body of beginning keyboard pieces.

Dear Ed:

I had never heard about this composer before.

There are some sonatas by Fenaroli on IMSLP:

Are there other works known?




Those sonatas and other works by Fenaroli con be found here:
Fenaroli was one of the great teachers in the Naples conservatories. You can find much more about him and his teaching here: