Quoting posts

This may be a bit esoteric, but I just found a subtle issue with quoting posts. Discourse in the web interface allows you to select a part or the whole of a post and shows a ‘quote’ button, which can then be used in your reply. It’s a nice feature and very convenient.

I just found some posts where selecting a paragraph for quoting does not work. After some investigation is seems to be the case that the post in question was submitted by email perhaps the lines wrapped to a margin, with hard returns. So what looks like a paragraph is not. You can only double click a line and quote that.

It’s not overly important. but I mention it here for the record so people in the future who hit this problem will know what is going on.

One could argue that Discourse should handle this better, but it’s a very subtle coding issue, and unlikely to get fixed, though I may raise the matter with the developers.