Rehearsal Electronic Continuo Organ Software

Pardon for being off the harpsichord topic, while presuming many here also venture into the organ continuo world:
I have a very fine continuo pipe organ and am in high demand. The wonderful quality of the instrument makes it worth the challenge of moving. But there are times, with multiple moves between rehearsal venues, when I wish I had a decent electronic rehearsal instrument that supports unequal temperaments. I have good speakers, a fast laptop and a midi keyboard, and could I suppose sign up for Hauptwerk and use 1% of the features.
Anyone know of more appropriate software for this simple application?

I’m a happy Hauptwerk user, but you could also try GrandOrgue.


Thanks, Walter.

This looks and sounds perfect. I’ll enjoy getting it lashed up a full setup and testing it in an ensemble.

I had tried Garritan pipe organ - which is only a one-time $100, but the sounds are ghastly. GrandOrgue sounds nice, and it’s free!

Hello Bruce.

Nowadays I do a lot of work in audio production and electronic music and so on. Just mentioning as a logical - perhaps rather than practical - suggestion, you could actually sample your own continuo organ and make a sampled instrument for Kontakt or similar. It’s a lot of work and fairly specialised. I am sorry I can’t just pop over from Australia to do it!

And then Kontakt full version and DAW’s are fairly expensive. but nevertheless!

And then there is Organteq, a physical modelling pipe organ. Available in standalone version, so you don’t need a DAW or Kontakt.