Restringing Zuckermann "Hubert" Clavichord

My 1980s Zuckermann “Hubert” clavichord (similar or identical to the Paris Workshop “Hubert”) has grown dull in tone with age, or so it seem to me, so I’m considering restringing. Much has been learned and more varieties of brass wire are available since 1985. I’d be interested if anyone can suggest a stringing scale for this instrument. Low pitch is acceptable and desireable; this is a “good night” instrument in the bedroom.

Years ago I boiled my listing in case of moths. I had a profoundly wonderful buzz upon replacing it. Did the same to my other one and the same result!

What do you think was the functional change? Did the listing cloth shrink or did you reinstall it differently?
My instrument has an optional listing board.

Presumably boiling the woolen listing cloth would have hardened and compacted it, much as happens with woolen clothing, making it less absorbent and more reflective of the energy imparted to the string.
Best wishes,
Lewis Jones.

I must admit I don’t know where the buzz came from. Maybe the wool is now harder, maybe I put it back looser. All I know is it was a vast improvement. The clean sound, like that of the modern harp, is very much a Victorian sensibility. The bray harp is more the clavichord sound I prefer. Like the mbira, it’s meant to be noisy.

Thank you- that’s exactly the question I was thinking of asking!

Here at 47:00 is a description of the brays: I think you’d have to go back to Wales a few hundred years ago to find someone who really does it justice - unless somebody knows one?