RIP Martin Spaink

The death of Martin Spaink on 25 October is reported on another internet group. He was a member of this group and many will remember him as an intelligent and well-informed builder and restorer. Unfortunately I never had the opportunity to meet him, but I benefitted from his occasional advice in fora such as this. The fact that he had recently relocated to Portugal makes his untimely departure the more poignant.

David Pickett

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A very sad news. We were “friends” on facebook, never met but he proved to be a very fine person. Rest in peace.

That’s a shock! I’ve corresponded with him several times. Sic transit gloria mundi :frowning:

Yes, he will be missed. I didn’t know him, but from his various list contributions he seemed a very nice person, deeply interested and adept in many arts, who shared his knowledge generously.

Martin became the leading expert in restoring Pleyel harpsichords more or less by default - people wanted it done, and he went to the trouble to figure out how to do it meticulously and well, quite a challenge. The Pleyel is also a historic instrument (he did the majority of his work on earlier instruments and copies). Lovely person, always happy to share. I had many long distance conversations with him, and learned a lot from his inventiveness. I’ll miss him.

I’ll add a link to a photo archive of his ImageShack - martinspaink's Albums , a real treasure trove of albums covering details of many, many instruments.

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I am VERY sorry to read this.
For me Martin Spaink did a very important task when I searched for replacing the Hubbard source for plectrum leather: It was only this September that he confirmed (via the Jackrail) that he had tested Oak tanned, shaved bend leather from J&FJ Baker in the UK and found it superbly lasting compared to other sources he had tested.

I had received a sample from J&FJ Baker some time ago, though the payment was a bit troublesome; Martin had assured me that he convinced them in the UK to accept his credit card. I never got that far, but J&FJ Baker has now (last week) referred me to a supplier of their product in Oklahoma with whom I am discussing available sheet sizes and cost. I shall post the results soon in case anyone else has a similar problem.