Scarlatti Sonatas, Range (Tessitura)

Is there a source which lists the ranges (tessituras) of all of Scarlatti’s sonatas?
For example, if I am playing an instrument with a range from B1 to D6, is there a catalogue which will list all the sonatas that fit in that range?

There is somewhere, I just can’t recall at the moment here very late at night.

But I am unable to resist linking this ranking:

Makes for amusing reading. He certainly is not one to place a composer on a pedestal. I’ll admit I agree with a lot of this :slight_smile:

Claudio will have the list for sure!

Scarlatti is still a misunderstood and underrated composer. I don’t see what is the point in making a complete listing of sonatas where the author only likes a short bunch of them.

What is this man smoking? K 512 is the worst? He is clearly no player.

I think the article is mostly meant as an amusement, not profound critical analysis. Good for stirring people up, and indeed, increasing our proper appreciation! Makes me want to go back and play the lot!