Schütze harpsichord jacks

Dear friends,
Does anybody know how to get a Jack for my Schütze harpsichord (Blanchet)
You know they are a very especial Jackson and I don’t know how or where to buy one (original or similar)
I’ ll appreciate all of your suggestions.
Thank you all,

I must say I think you’d have to be lucky to find such, but you can always contact Harpsichord Clearing House who have a stash of odd jacks and tongues:

Here’s a patent from Schutze.

Here’s the drawing:

Is it like this?

[Out of interest only - obviously you have whole registers full if you wanted to get a maker to copy one.]

Here is a photograph of a Schutze jack, is it?

As it’s almost entirely wooden-made, I’d say you could find a local maker who can replicate it. Best to ask for a certain number of them, so you have spare ones for the future needs. Of course if you succeed in finding original jacks, that should be much less costly.

Thank you very much!
Yes, I only need one jack.
Best regards,

Thank you very much
R. Rodríguez

I will try to have a original one.
Thanks for your advice.
R. Rodríguez makes custom wooden jacks.

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In all honesty, the likelihood of obtaining a single Schutze jack is pretty close to zero. You could simply get a replacement wooden jack of suitable dimensions to fit the register, and live with that. There’s nothing particularly special about the originals when it comes down to it. I imagine getting a maker to produce one of these things would be prohibitively expensive for a few one-off jacks in any case.

Unless you are keen to preserve the ‘historical accuracy’ of the instrument, you could consider getting a full replacement register and jack set. This would improve the action, but may not be within your budget. Zuckerman for one sells such sets.

Thanks, I’ll consider every option…even 3D printing…
I know it’s difficult and expensive.
R. Rodríguez