Signatures and Salutations

Dear All,

You don’t need to put your name, a signature, or a salutation at the bottom of posts, whether coming from the forum or by email.

It clutters the posts, adds no value - the topic shows who you are, including you avatar, and the greetings and warmth are implicit!

General forum etiquette says this is unnecessary. This guideline will go in the Forum Guidelines soon to be written as soon as I complete the deep technical work required to make this platform for us.

On a related topic, some forums get flooded with contentless one liner replies for likes and so on. Discourse prefers you don’t do that, again for reasons of clutter, and that you click he like button instead (the heart icon). Then the author and all can track likes, as per other well known systems. It can be useful to know if your post has been considered valuable.