Site URL change

Hello all, for technical reasons I have had to change the domain for this forum. Previously

it is now simply

The URL is therefore:

Please update any bookmarks you may have.


[It seems that some (or all) users did not receive this email from the Forum Meta category, hence I am posting again in the General category.]

Hi Andrew,

I’m just getting caught up on old messages, and realized that, since
this change, all the image links in old posts are broken.
Rousseau II / III / IV? - #26 by CDV for example links to
which doesn’t work any more…

If the old domain can’t be used any more, I wonder if it might be
possible to update old posts? Maybe some sort of search/replace in the
database backend would do the trick? It might be a bit of a pain, but
right now, every image in older posts is unreadable.



I have done a remap of the posts in the database. But three failed, with the useless error message “failed to remap” with no further details. So they should all be OK execpt for three posts. One is the one you mentioned. Do you happen to hav the others? That would help me diagnose this.


HI! I know how to fix up all the remaining images. But can you send me links to the ones you found? Thanks. There’s no quick or easy way to search for invalid images (as it is a very unusual use case).

Thanks for all this!


I haven’t come across any others, actually. I think I just got [un]lucky
in that the first image I tried to look up on the web was broken (of
course, all the links in my e-mails are still broken, since they don’t
get updated). I would think a quick search for
would turn up any other broken links?

A search through the web interface didn’t turn up anything, though it
doesn’t seem to search in URLs in posts (a search for
didn’t get any results either!). A manual search through the database
should be easy enough though, I would think.

Thanks for fixing that post in any case!