Some papers

I may have mentioned something similar before, but this popped into my mailbox today:


That’s an awful lot of papers on temperament! Since is not subject to peer review as far as I know, imagine say 90% of these are not worth reading. That still leaves a remainder of 1000 papers that may be worthwhile.

Perhaps less than a thousand. At different stages the late Prof. Barbieri said he was leaving aside the field of temperaments. He said that, but for some new source that may crop up in an archive, there was nothing else to research in the field. On the other side, the matter fascinated many persons and he was literally flooded with requests to read new article drafts, of which he hardly ever found any interesting.

With less frequency, I also get quite often requests to examine temperament-related papers and software: if I accepted them all, I would not be doing anything else, and life is short.

That’s amusing Claudio, as I was going to add that life is too short to read 1000 papers!

But there’s clearly a surprisingly massive interest in the topic.

There is, indeed. However, beware from numbers given by I keep receiving emails from them stating I have been quoted in dozens of papers all around the world in a fascinating number of matters: history of music, law and constitutional studies, astronomy… And with a small subscription fee I can see them all. is great, of course, but has a too aggressive marketing plan. is not the only place. For a list of temperament-related works see

I just copied the list of papers into a notepad++ file: 11,190 entries!!

… in the list searching for Lindley you find 77 instances, for Barbieri 71.
Actually only 39 papers by Barbieri are listed, and this is an understatement: AFAIK he wrote about a hundred papers on scales and temperament.

I just checked Barbieri: thanks to, although he has now died and AFAIK his own webpage is no more, his papers are always available for free online: