Sonata in a BWV 965 nach Reincken

I was just playing the magnificent BWV 965, which I performed in recital three decades ago.
It is based on a Sonata from Reincken’s Hortus Musicus.
Some of the movements are almost literal transcriptions of Reincken’s instrumental score, other have significant reworkings.

For my taste the best movements are the impressive Fugue and the final Gigue.

The work is dated to his Köthen period, c.1718-22. Bach is said to have met Reincken many years earlier and obviously admired him as he transcribed other works of Reincken’s as well.

I have not looked into sources, but I would like to believe that Bach wrote this score in 1722 as a homage upon hearing of Reincken’s passing.



PS: A painting dateed 1674 shows Reincken playing a Flemish double. Only a few of his keyboard works have survived.

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