Sounding Board – British Harpsichord Society

ISSUE No. 15 – December 2020
Guest Editor – PAMELA NASH

This is a Special Edition to celebrate the life and work of KENNETH GILBERT
with contributions from 39 different colleagues, one-time students and life-long friends**.**

To View ISSUE No.15, click here- SoundingBoard15 (pdf)

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I read most of the contributions. Very interesting. At long last many top ranking harpsichordists acknowledging Kenneth Gilbert’s contribution, unlike somebody (let us not name him now) who when I compared some modern performance with one of Gilbert’s ground breaking recordings of 1971, replied something like “well we no longer play that way, don’t we?” forcing me to ask “What has been discovered so far that renders that recording no longer valid?” to which I got no reply …

Two things were touching for me: 1) A picture of Hubert Bédard (of whom I was a friend from 1969) as a very young man, and 2) Olivier Baumont referring his meeting with K. Gilbert on April, just 2 months before his death, at a time he was already “completely lost” in his Alzheimer’s disease, yet fully able to play Bach on the keyboard as perfectly as always…

An issue worth reading in its entirety.

A bit of trivia.

The photo on p.27 marked

at the International Harpsichord Competition, Paris. left to right:
Huguette Dreyfus, Robert Veyron-Lacroix, ?Luigi Ferdinando Tagliavini?,
Gustav Leonhardt, Ruggero Gerlin, and KG
(year and photographer unknown)

was taken in 1976, and ?Luigi Ferdinando Tagliavini? is actually János
Sebestyén, who was a member of the jury.

The photo on p. 53 marked

Left: with Gustav Leonhardt and ice creams

was taken at the same time.

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In return for the mentions we always give here for each issue, perhaps somebody could contact BHS and get them to mention us - this forum - in a forthcoming issue? That would be great. Just an idea!

Hello Andrew
I will ask the next guest editor of Sounding Board to do so. Would someone like to write a short piece on The Jackrail - for inclusion in a future issue?

  • Pamela Nash, BHS committee

Thank you Dennis. This was amended the day following publication.

Thank you Claudio.

It really is sad, not to say baffling, that none of the national broadsheets - as far as I know, except Le Monde - saw fit to produce an obituary for one of the most influential and important harpsichord figures of our times.
So it was indeed all the more moving and poignant to have such a remarkable response. I hope you read them all!

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Hi Andrew
The upcoming Spring edition of Sounding Board would like to carry a feature on this forum. Please let me know if you would still like this to happen:
Best Wishes, and Happy New Year -
Pamela Nash