Hello All, this is a periodic reminder that spam is a sad fact of life, and spammers devote a huge amount of clever and misdirected energy to their work. Consequently there are a large number of spam houses that filter and block email classed as spam, by all the various complex heuristics, and these are outside my control. For the list I use Amazon Simple Email Services in order to provide a very high reputation source, so that emails will be generally seen as legitimate. But local ISP’s often provide spam filtering to their customers and it can happen that they set Spam Assassin or similar parameters too high, resulting in false positives. Also, apart from that, Outlook and Thunderbird, and the Gmail service have their own filters and algorithms and they can throw false positives also.

The point is that you need to check your spam/junk folder periodically. Recently quite a few emails from the list have ended up in people’s spam. I do not know why this rate has increased.