Stembridge Frescobaldi recording sought

I am looking for a copy of Christopher Stembridge’s CD of Frescobaldi Toccatas (1615). This was issued on a label called sfz as SFZM0110 and has disappeared from commerce, apart from mp3 files on Amazon.

If anyone has a copy and can either sell it to me or provide ripped wav or flac files of it, I should be grateful. (For the purpose of research, of course, heaven forbid that I should enjoy listening to it!)


Well, I suppose not the answer you are looking for, but it’s on Spotify:

The high-quality audio on Spotify is not too bad. Better than horrid MP3.

May not be your cup of tea. But I myself have abandoned physical CD’s as a) they are hard to get what you want (!) and b) I simply have no more shelf space at home and c) everythi9ng in the universe is either on Spotify or Apple Music or both, and Apple Music in particular has very good studio master quality for quite a lot of recent recordings, really superb, and a vast range of classical repoertoire, not just ‘songs’.

Andrew, thanks for your comments about Apple Music in terms of quality and range of content ‎available. I also have the shelf space issue! Let me offer one suggestion and vent about one annoyance.‎

A couple of years ago I did a comparison of some streaming services. At that time, the best ‎option seemed to be Qobuz. You can stream or purchase downloads from them and they had ‎‎(then) what seemed like the best coverage of classical music. They offer hi-res files when ‎available from the producers. Maybe Apple Music has gotten better since and I will check them ‎out again. I recently purchased an album of virginal music by Adrien Pièce; Amazon had it only ‎as MP3 but Qobuz had CD-quality. So I’d suggest looking at Qobuz if folks have not already ‎done so.‎

Now to the rant. There seems to be no booklet or set of notes available for the album I just ‎bought: not on Amazon or Qobuz, and nothing on the artist’s website. I have seen this before ‎sometimes with albums purchased via download. It is particularly annoying for classical ‎music. Pièce’s album sounds like it was performed on a claviorganum (with a rossignol stop!) ‎but there is no way to find out. More generally, I am always interested in what artists have to say ‎about the music they record. I don’t know whether some artists don’t think it’s important, ‎don’t’ want to be bothered, or whatever; and maybe some services don’t offer the option to ‎include booklets. But it still annoys me when they don’t.‎

BTW, if anyone thinks I am crazy when I mention the rossignol stop, go here and listen to the beginning of the sample for track 10.

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Indeed David Perry, the claviorganum is clearly audible in Track 3, and in Track 10 the rossignol (which is a very simple and small yet effective gadget) is probably operated by a simple pedal. A pity indeed not to have sleeve notes.

The giveaway being perhaps the word “Claviorganum” on the CD’s cover…

On Jan 25, 2022, at 11:57, David Perry via The Jackrail <> wrote:

Pièce’s album sounds like it was performed on a claviorganum

It’s available as a 16-bit 44 FLAC recording on Qobuz, if that helps.