Terms of Service

Having had reason to look carefully at the forum Terms of Service recently, I see that we have never really paid much attention to it. It is boilerplate that comes standard built in to Dicourse. I realised that it is a template which refers to ‘the company’ to be replaced with your corporate name, and it’s extremely legalistic almost to the point of being threatening. The Jackrail is not a company or corporation or a legal entity of any kind, and we are not going to sue anybody I can assure you. Besides, there is no legal jurisdiction under which the forum operates. It’s just a website. I initially looked at creating a non-profit legal entity but it is very expensive (at least in Australia) and it’s not at all clear how to create a not-for-profit that spans the globe as our forum does. Therefore we do not operate like that.

The point of this email is that I will shortly rewrite the TOS and simplify it down to the most basic few points, and nobody need worry about the rather fearsome wording the current one has.


I apologise for the many messages on the Forum Meta category the last couple of days. I hope we can get back to keyboard talk soon.