Tomás de Santa María, Arte de tañer fantasía (Valladolid, 1565)

14:00 Elam Rotem: If someone were to go through the trouble of intabulating all the examples, even if he skipped a lot of the sometimes tiring explanations, he would surely learn a lot.

Are there Jackrail volunteers for transcriptions on paper? A quick reading of Transcription of the musical examples on pages 9-13 in Warren Earle’s critical evaluation of 1964) gives more clarity.

I know that at least @andro and @Chris415 are like-minded about the lilypond engraver. I also like it a lot, and I’ll be happy to make significant contributions to community efforts maintained in git (let’s create a jackrail group on gitlab?).

Hi Bart,
The way it appears in my email, I’m not sure, but I think you are suggesting a collaborative transcription of Santa Maria’s music examples in modern notation on paper (for subsequent transfer to Lilypond).

I’d be on for a project of this type some time after Christmas (on the paper side: transcribing, proofreading etc.) but have to confess to not knowing about Lilypond or git (total novice though interested in learning. My only music writing project (German medieval songs) was done 20 years ago, using capella software). Thanks for the link to Warren Earle’s dissertation!

All the best