Tuning key for flat (historical) pins

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Can recommend me a good source for tuning keys for flat (historical) pins. I used to buy them from Vogel but their prices have increased to absurd levels.

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Zuckemann Harsichords have the stadard cheap and cheerful ones.

Carey Beebe also has various ones:

David Law of Traditional Brassware:

Harpsichord Clearing House:

Chris, Atelier Delaruelle once used to sold tuning pins. They still do but only 5 mm and 5.5 mm pins, so unless you need pins so thick, they aren’t a source anymore. However they cost more than Vogel:
Vogel 96.39 euros for 100 pins
Delaruelle 118.90 euros for 100 pins
(Both prices VAT included)

Zuckermann is 125$ i.e. 110 euros for 100 pins (plus shipping).

I think The Paris Workshop directly or through their many agents (look on their website) sells good tuning pins, but I don’t know the cost.

Btw, days ago there has been a discussion on fb re: tuning pins, and it came to a consensus that doing them starting from normal nails is simple and cheap.
If you want them drilled, this would add some work but it should be feasible. I only tried once with holeless pins. All needed is:

  • a hacksaw or a suitable scissor
  • a hammer 1 kg
  • an anvil (don’t underestimate this)
    And of course drill bits if you want them drilled. A smear of oil is useful as well.

I have very little experience in making tuning pins, so I hope the professional makers in the forum would chime in.


I think he wants a hammer not pins?

Oh silly me!
Pardon, Chris.

Tuning pins are sold in Europe by The Paris Workshop and in USA by Zuckermann as Andrew has suggested. They are the same - or used to be the same.

David Law’s tuning keys of course are a beauty but they cost a bit more than Vogel’s. I am trying to make them in bronze as his, and can tell you David’s tuning keys don’t cost much, on the contrary, they are a bargain.

Tuning keys can be done of course, the pro makers here will tell us how. (I find difficult to get the parts to assemble)


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Thanks to all for the answers!