Welcome new users

I’d just like to take a moment to welcome onboard all our new users. We now stand at 185 users (I will never be happy until we reach 500!)

This is your list and we have a broad remit and anything and everything related to harpsichord is encouraged, even including commercial posts for instruments or editions for sale.

It is a measured fact that on most forums 95% of members are lurkers who do not participate. There is very little I can do about this, but I strongly encourage silent members to post to make a more vibrant community. I am sure everybody has really interesting contributions and thoughts.

And speaking as admin of the forum, my offer of Freddo Frogs to anybody who brings on a new user still stands. So far I have not had to send anybody even one. :frowning:

Hi Andrew,
Actually I may technically be entitled to a Freddo (just one), but it would be folly to send one from Australia to Ireland, so I am happy to receive a notional Freddo. Having the list is worth a legion of Freddoes.