Wounded string needed for clavichord

Dear members,

I need on a relatively short notice a new wounded string for a clavichord. The instrument is a copy of Friederici and made by the the late Jean Tournay.

We’re talking about the G# string:

Pitch: a1 = 415 Hz
Core string = messing 0,40 mm
Distance tangent to bridge = 975 mm
Total string length (not taking in account the extra string length needed to wind the string to the tuning pin) = 1520 mm
The current copper winding has a diameter of 0.19 mm

I’ve tried to contact Joris Potvlieghe but he doesn’t answer (after 7 days). So I’m now trying the list to find a trustable supplier of wounded clavichord strings by preference in Europe.



Oopsy: messing = yellow brass :smile:

In the UK, both Peter Barnes and Lucy Coad are good makers of bespoke, open-wound bass strings.
Peter is more involved with clavichords, Lucy with square pianos.

I don’t know if he would supply it, but Dietrich Hein can (and does) wind clavichord bass strings for his instruments.




Thanks to all for your reply and especially to Dale who corrected me on my spelling. Fortunately my strings are not wounded, they are only winded (wound?) :slight_smile:

After a week I got in contact with Joris Potvlieghe. He has a lot of work on his hands at the moment but he’s willing to make me a spare spare spring.

Have a super nice week everyone!