A note about end user software currency

This forum runs on Discourse, It is an open source project and does not have vast funds or resources.It is developed by volunteers. It is therefore and architectural design decision that the forum only officially supports the latest current versions of browsers, like it or not. The same applies to operating systems. OS’s that are at End of Life are not supported and older OS’s in general are not likely to always work correctly in relation to this forum. Discourse does not have the resources to support large numbers of older versions. Even Apple does not support their older versions of the OS hardly back very far at all.

I post this as I am getting more and more messages from people saying their browser does not work with The Jackrail, or mail won’t work and so on. I always try to personally help members with software problems, but the issue of end user currency is difficult.

For technical support reasons, and to make my life smoother, I keep Discourse updates to the latest fixes and improvements on a more or less weekly basis, to keep it secure and so on. Consequently people may find that older software is no longer compatible, as Discourse moves ahead fairly rapidly.

If people do hit issues, feel free to PM me here and I will always try to help. with the caveats above.