A note regarding languages

There is no forum restriction on languages for posting. People are welcome to post in whatever language they like. There has never been any restriction, it just so happens that all our posts are in English to date, and this aspect has never been emphasized. I encourage people to use their native language, or other, of they wish.

We will add a line about this to the official forum policy document.

For non native speakers of the language in question, there are fairly good translators online for most languages, of course.

There are some Discourse plugins that enable translation, but they are of varying quality. I will look into that. Meanwhile, externally, there’s Google Translate.

Since Discourse supports full Unicode, all European language character sets are supported, and Unicode of course also includes full support for CJKV character sets.

I will note that the Vivaldi browser now supports inline translation for webpages, a useful feature.


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