A plea about topics

I am sorry to sound whining, irritating, annoying and repetitive, but could members please try to be cognisant and aware that we have categories for broad areas and that a new post forms a ‘topic’ to which people can then reply. I’d really like it if people would not hijack topics with other topics, and post in the appropriate topic, or a new one. Don’t just hit reply to any topic that lands in your inbox.

I’ll move posts that have veered way off topic of hijacked topics to an appropriate new or existing topic. But it is becoming tiresome.

This is a common problem on mailing lists. I won’t go into why it’s deplored, but essentially it makes it hard for people to find your misplaced posts, and the whole idea is to communicate clearly.

Come on folks, it’s not that hard. If anybody finds this complicated, PM me and I will always be happy to help understand.

Thank you to all!

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