I think the Airyware app (android) has gone under. It’s still working, but it cuts out every 30 seconds or so, and I’m unable to buy it as when I try it states it has gone into administration.

Any alternatives for android users who are beginner keyboardists? I liked the simplicity of Airyware.

Edit: re last sentence, that said I’ve not tried any others so perhaps other apps are just as user-friendly.

Oh no!

Well, that means I have to boot up my project to write one. That was the last good Android one standing. I used it a lot. The answer to this problem is to fully open source the project for longevity and continuity.

Except … I uninstalled it to test and I can install it from the Play Store just fine. So what version of Android are you using? They support back to Android 4 apparently (amazing if so). I have Android 14, and no notice of discontinuation.

Why don’t you email support?

I can still get and still use Pitchlab for Android, which is excellent. Not available for iPhone.

Yes, but please refer to the extensive discussion on Pitchlab on this forum.

[OP - just do a search.]

If you were addressing this to me, I indeed have been following the discussion on Pitchlab on the forum. I am surprised that folks are fretting over the possible demise of Airy and allege there is no alternative.

My Airy works fine on iPhone 15.

I’m unsure of what android type I have, but you might have to ignore my post anyway as I’m trying the app now at work, and it’s not cutting out. Also I think I’ve already purchased app on my newest gmail account.

I’ll try it tonight when home. I think it might start cutting out after 10 mins or so, and I can’t remember exactly what the admin message stated as I broke my first string last night, and had to stop tuning and refer to my virginal pack and a youtube video to learn to restring an F2 wire.

I’ll screenshoot message if it happens again. Hopefully I’m wrong.

G2 not F2. 48YB. Bit of a learning curve last night and quite daunting, but I managed it.

So, false alarm! :slight_smile:

No issues tonight, but I definitely had a message re it going to administration (or words tp that effect) if I tried to bypass the timing out by buying the app. But I think I’ve already bought it through Google play months ago,so…who knows, you can’t trust me! Alologies.